I've been thrifting again after being out of the game for several months. I've almost forgotten how thrift stores smell—that distinct enclosed mothball odor mixed with dust all of them seem to have. Whenever I find myself in a style rut, going thrift shopping seems to be the best and quickest remedy. The low prices diminish my usual reservations when it comes to clothes and I'm more likely to take chances on weird stuff because everything is going for mere pennies. Nothing makes me more excited to shop than a huge "3 for 100" hanging in front of my favorite thrift store.

The top and skirt were from separate thrifting jaunts, the former from Quiapo and the latter from Edsa-Taft. The top has four holes for your arms, head and body without any clear way on how to wear it, like a choose your own adventure deal in shirt form. As a result of the unusual pattern the armholes turn out uneven. The plaid skirt is possibly my favorite of all my recent finds. It's like a school skirt was attacked by a pair of scissors then sewn back together haphazardly. It's a touch longer than ideal, but nothing that cant be fixed with a safety pin. Worn with black oxfords I wear by default.

Grand total of this outfit minus the shoes: less than $2. I tend to quantify the cost of everything with how many lunches I can buy with the money I'm spending on it, so in this case, it's a little more than one chicken lunch set from a convenience store. 


  1. $2? Is that your record? We can't even by a bag of potatoes for that.

  2. one chicken sandwich equals one outfit, you can't find a better deal than that surely?!

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